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This research will be based on the productive results regarding earlier studies off partner-idol relationship and fans’ use methods

This research will be based on the productive results regarding earlier studies off partner-idol relationship and fans’ use methods

dos.step 3.2.step one Search for emotional satisfaction

Psychological advantages, including not limited to a sense of fulfillment, recognition, and performance, are very important bonuses enthusiasts to order idol-related points. Admirers, since some one or groups, usually you want a port to share its praise, enjoy, and you may infatuation to own a-listers. The purchase out of spin-away from issues could be regarded as fans’ consistent and you will serious mental financing in their idols (Santero 2016). More importantly, due to its get, admirers are convinced that its financial devotion create somehow work for their idols with respect to effective a credibility or more standing during the the new aggressive amusement world. It sense of purpose and you may satisfaction offers admirers the fact that its tasks are acknowledged and you may vital getting idols, fulfilling the have to be expected (Wang 2014). Which feeling of success, consequently, perform push these to build additional sales.

dos.step three.dos.2 Fans once the a residential district

Fans’ purchases could help them during the checking discussions, which could evolve into nearer societal connections. New control off highest-high quality idol-relevant points, since embodiment out of authenticity and you can support off admirers, is the greatest entrance citation for fans to get in this new core of one’s partner neighborhood (Zhang 2021). Along with setting-up mutual mental accessories and you will public connectedness, admirers together with setting cumulative memories through the public get routine (Wang 2014). There are numerous instances when admirers buy many records, film entry, otherwise factors supported of the the idols with each other to exhibit its unity and solidarity.

2.4 Conceptual framework

This research is designed to discuss idol fans’ reasons at the rear of its idol-doll buy strategies. They only centers on a unique types of admirers-admirers just who pick idol dolls-so as to service a more centered data that does not intend to generalize conclusions some other partner groups.

Past search on fans’ usage methods usually divides motivations to your “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” ones and you will roughly sums it given that pursuit of “neurological pleasure” or a sense of “fulfillment” (Zhao and you will Wu 2021). This research emphasizes the significance of a particular fan identity (i.elizabeth., mommy admirers) in the creating fans’ practices practices. Additionally, it examines brand new emergence and you will interest in “mom admirers” otherwise “moms and dads away from idol dolls” inside the theoretical construction of your Para-kin matchmaking.

2.5 Lookup expectations

The latest frequency of mother admirers signals a separate means out of fans’ use strategies and you may inspires the specialist to help you reexamine new existent browse habits away from parasocial dating between fans and you can idols. Part of the search real brightwomen.net du kan prova dessa question is: preciselywhat are fans’ motivations for purchasing idol dolls? This study takes a revolution to analyze the brand new character from “mom fans” within the causing the fresh new idol-toy people by the reacting new sandwich-question: so why do fans allege themselves as the “mommy admirers” and you can exactly what are their psychological needs?

Strengthening the partnership involving the introduction out-of mom admirers therefore the rise in popularity of idol dolls try an intuitive decision. As a great deal more certain, mommy admirers constantly relate to by themselves as his or her idols’ mommy, when you find yourself idol-doll consumers along with make reference to on their own given that mom of your child and cure the infant doll since if they were a bona fide individual. Exploring the mental need from mom fans as well as how it disagree out-of regarding girlfriend admirers you will definitely promote a crisper understanding of fans’ reasons for buying idol dolls. On top of that, the motivations and mental needs off men idol fans will also be looked at, while they may provide a completely other position to describe the idol-toy to buy choices.

3 Methods

This study combines textual investigation as well as in-depth interview to learn the latest riding issues to own fans’ idol-toy buy methods together with con el fin de-kin relationships between admirers and you will idols. Official news posts serve as a natural job to own watching just how Chinese popular culture interprets the newest popularity of mother fans and idol dolls, enabling the study to get contextualized in the a larger public record. In-depth interview ones fans render steeped details that can help identify the formation of para-kin relationships, as well as their thinking and responses on grievance out-of brand new conventional people. From the merging these two a couple of lookup tips, a far more nuanced knowledge of lover people is attained.

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