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Such as for instance, will it be cannon that Dumbledore are gay otherwise that Harry and Tom Riddle is associated?

Such as for instance, will it be cannon that Dumbledore are gay otherwise that Harry and Tom Riddle is associated?

MPreg: Tales which feature men maternity. Such pregnancies might be naturally, such as for instance whatever you find in the fresh Omega ‘verse, magically, otherwise technologically explained when you look at the logic of your story. Tags will often including help website subscribers learn hence lover is going getting impregnated.

Busse, Kristina. “My entire life was a WIP on my LJ: Slashing this new Slasher and Reality away from Superstar and you can Internet sites Performances.” Enthusiast Fictional and you will Fan Communities from the Age the net, Ed. Karen Hellekson and you can Kristina Busse, McFarland, 2006.

Glossary of Enthusiast Conditions (Area 1)

“Once i is actually reading ASOIF, I entirely accustomed ship Jonerys, however, ever since seeing AGoT, Jonsa was my OTP. These are typically including cinnamon goes. So many seems. ”

That it phrase could be impenetrable in order to anybody who have not invested much go out investigating or using fandom. Even people who kissbrides.com more end up in specific partner teams, including Buffy the fresh new Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter, if you’re in a position to discern these terminology, is almost certainly not familiar with all of them. This is the fresh wild realm of enthusiast jargon.

Fandom, like all groups, has developed its very own jargon, an excellent lexicon away from enthusiast slang you to definitely distinguishes insider out of outsiders. Indeed, many courses towards the partner knowledge tend to be an excellent glossary from partner words to help uninitiated academics navigate fandom specific terms and acronyms. There are numerous terms one to pervade round the fandoms, eg cannon, fanon, OTP, and you may ship, although some, most commonly boat brands, try fandom-specific. Given that fans migrate from a single partner area to a different or sign up intrafandom groups, like SuperWhoLock, it expose the new terminology into these subcommunties, that could, otherwise may not, feel observed and you will acquire big grip within this most other fandoms.

Canon: Into the lover organizations, canon is the official issue that produces within the facts and you can world of your mass media possessions. Deciding what matters just like the cannon are going to be tricky. Eg, throughout the Buffy fandom, the television show (1997-2003) counts while the cannon; but not, very fans forget or reject new 1992 flick. Some fans undertake this new comics (with maybe not started see by the majority) because the canon, anybody else don’t amount them. Officially approved biguous status into the cannon. Other fandoms, eg Harry Potter, debate if or not information and you may point out-of writer interviews matter since the canon.


Fanon: Fanon identifies thinking stored by partner society that are not supported by new property’s cannon. Fanon can form backstories to own emails, give them even more mental breadth, develop world-building, otherwise care for plot holes otherwise inconsistencies regarding the news possessions. Eg, it is fanon throughout the Buffy fan neighborhood one vampires of the underworld usually mate with a certain human, marking you to definitely people because of the biting them. The latest pire to one another. They never ever happens in the fresh show, which treats vampire bites erotic not binding. not, it will take place in a good amount of Buffy fanfiction. Fanon can also include partner ideas that will be generally accepted of the this new lover people, including A tune away from Freeze and you will Fire’s Roentgen+L=J theory, hence not confirmed regarding books, was widely recognized since the reality (possesses already been verified by HBO television series adaption). When concepts such as these was affirmed, they change from fanon in order to certified cannon. Other days, they are “Jossed,” and disproven (the expression try a play on Joss Whedon, who has got a practice of accomplishing which to fans).

Head-Canon: Head-Cannon is basically individualized fanon. Like fanon, that isn’t always backed by the fresh show’s canon, that’s commonly familiar with fill out plot gaps, continuity situations, character decisions, or any other incongruities receive into the cannon. But not, rather than fanon, that has broad invited within the enthusiast society, head-cannon are held simply by individual. In some instances, like the example below, head-cannon is utilized in order to escalate the brand new thoughts otherwise affairs of letters. These lead canons can result in seems (select below).

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