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She asserted that its dad manage cut timber for hours on end and you can take it to your household

She asserted that its dad manage cut timber for hours on end and you can take it to your household

Lula was born January 29, 1899 and Fannie asserted that it absolutely was most cool as well as had snow on the floor for approximately six weeks. The sun manage turn out in the noon each and every day for an excellent couple of weeks then it can affect right up once again and you can snow for hours.

When you look at the 1901, John got the latest ranch a little further west of here, merely east regarding Fleetwood, that is where Lula spent my youth.

The brand new Estes friends had gone to live in Indian Area for the 1894 and Oklahoma didn’t be your state until 1907. During this time period it actually was almost every man having himself and you may gunfights was well-known. John Reagan has worked because a farmer, blacksmith, farrier and you may lawman. The household remembers him wear a gun.

Once, a person titled Joe Barnes delivered phrase in order to John that he try coming to eliminate him

John simply got a black colored powder shotgun and then he advised Barnes to prevent and also to not come one closer. Barnes kept coming and John blew your loaded with birdshot. John got a bullet-hole in the stomach and you may create tell this new grandkids that he had several navels.

Buddy George said that John R. Estes involved head to about 1940s within the Claiborne County Tennessee and that he was extremely high and had long eyebrows.

The fresh Texas relatives, give a different sort of magic as well, one John Y. Estes had an alternative loved ones in the Tx, but a journey off relationship ideas delivered little. Yet not, as i visited, I realized your area in which John lived try on the Chily as opposed to advantage of a legal wedding. Laws and regulations and you will tradition for the Indian places towards the Texas/Oklahoma border was in fact somewhat unique of back in “civilized, orderly” Tennessee. In addition, Indian tribes have been considered sovereign Countries. We’re going to probably never know the details until a unique relative methods send.

The guy did not have people gloves along with his hand carry out crack discover and you seksi genç filipino genç kızlar will bleed and you will hurt so incredibly bad one to at night the guy create sit because of the fire and you can scream on aches

Inside 2005, We visited my cousin, Gib, when you look at the Texas. Gib got come back to Claiborne State, TN the year in advance of and had visited Estes Holler. Today, I found myself checking out Texas to help you retrace the actions from my personal high-parent, John Y. Estes.

I went along to understand the film “Discover Assortment” starring Kevin Costner and you can Robert Duvall. The setting into flick was 1882 as they are “free grazing” an effective herd regarding cattle towards open range since they’re moving with the industry. They move across a little city, mix a lake, and therefore are tending its herd.

John Y. Estes was in Montague State Tx inside the 1880. The fresh new Chisholm Cows trail showed up all the way through the small city of Red Lake Route that has been a few miles south of the Purple River. Regarding suggestions that we provides, the film town is like what Reddish River Route are such as 1882. I truly got intrigued into the film because of the imagining John Y. staying in an area just like one to. It was where he would had been during the time given that Nocona and you will Belcherville were not dependent up to 1887 in the event that MKT railroad arrived owing to supposed out of eastern to help you western. Ringgold was not built until 1892 in the event that Stone Area railroad are based heading southern area in order to northern and you will entered the fresh new MKT at the the site from Ringgold.

Needless to say no-good west movie was worth the rates out-of entryway without a gun competition. They’d one to and other people was indeed murdered. The next thing that got me is the fresh burial scene. They dug graves from most readily useful away from a mountain and you can hauled the wooden caskets in a wagon. That it setting was only particularly everything i bought at Boren cemetery.

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